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Scientific Evidence Proves Mechanically Butchered Meat ‘Is Meat’
Tuesday May 24 2016 03:33
The DOT - Digital Oven Thermometer Is No Lightweight
Tuesday March 22 2016 07:01
New - High Accuracy Therma 1T Digital Thermometer
Monday February 08 2016 07:42
RSSL Opens New Innovation Kitchen
Thursday December 17 2015 05:37
Eurofins’ New System To Assist Shelf Life And Product Deterioration Assessment
Thursday November 19 2015 05:42
METTLER TOLEDO Offers a Renewed Balance Portfolio with Entry Model ME-T
Wednesday October 07 2015 06:21
SuperFast Thermapen® 4 Thermometer
Friday September 04 2015 07:33
Genetic ID Launches New PCR Test For Oregano Authenticity
Friday August 14 2015 04:56
New e-Learning Course Promotes Moisture Analysis Accuracy
Thursday August 13 2015 06:00
METTLER TOLEDO Introduces New High Performance Thermal Analysis Products For Premium Results
Tuesday August 11 2015 03:25
New METTLER TOLEDO DSC 3 and TGA 2 for Simple and Routine Analysis
Tuesday August 04 2015 04:31
New BlueTherm® IR Infrared Non-Contact Wireless Thermometer
Friday July 31 2015 13:24
New Addition To The BAX System Family Adds Flexibility For Food Testing
Thursday July 23 2015 03:02
Sophisticated Test Techniques = a Media Time Bomb Where QADEX Can Help
Friday July 17 2015 04:13
Best Approach To Testing From CFA
Wednesday June 17 2015 06:35
Reduce Product Development Costs And Maintain Competitive Advantage
Friday February 20 2015 05:12
DuPont Bax System Certified For Real-time Detection
Wednesday February 11 2015 09:58
New Enhanced Particle Size Characterisation Capabilities At RSSL
Monday January 26 2015 08:29
Eagle Breaks Through Fat Analysis Entry Barriers with AIS
Wednesday September 10 2014 09:30
Emerging Technologies For Detecting & Reducing Allergens
Thursday July 31 2014 08:13
New Flavour Services From RSSL
Friday April 11 2014 06:50
New Lipids Profiling Service
Monday April 07 2014 18:52
New Inline Fat Analysis System To Be Launched At Interpack
Friday March 28 2014 06:47
Product Inspection And Industrial Weighing Ranges On Show At interpack
Monday March 17 2014 10:23
Accelerated Stability Testing Service Launched
Friday March 14 2014 05:47
METTLER TOLEDO And Konica Minolta Partner For Automatic Quality Monitoring Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Non Destructive Oxygen Analyser Launched By RDM
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Buhler Update Fruit & Vegetable Test Facility
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
New Test Samples For Metal Detection And X-ray Inspection
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Cut Out Turn Around Time For Meat Analysis At-Line
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Quick Innovative Way To Test Moisture Analyzer Performance
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Keep Customer Loyalty With Accurate At-Line Testing From NDC
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Today's News
RSSL Opens New Innovation Kitchen
RSSL has invested in a new and improved Innovation Kitchen which was officially opened on 16 December.

The team of product development specialists at RSSL help customers turn concepts into exciting new products or work on reformulating products to help with health and wellbeing, cost reduction or process efficiencies.

The new kitchen offers increased flexibility to enable the team to work on multiple product types in parallel. Ease of use of equipment has been a key factor in the kitchen redesign. According to Kerry Tanner, Head of Product and Ingredient Innovation, “The refurbishment will enable us to retain our market leading position in supporting customers with concept ideation, product development, taste optimisation, ingredient applications and more.”

“At RSSL we can take an idea from concept right through to finished product, including analytical support for formulation direction, problem solving, food safety advice and troubleshooting” says Kerry.
Item last updated:   Wednesday October 07 2015 06:21
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Eurofins’ New System To Assist Shelf Life And Product Deterioration Assessment
Eurofins Food Testing UK has made significant investment in a new state of the art method for micro-organism identification, which, due to its ease of use, will enable clients to have same-day confirmation of results for pathogens, the organisms associated with food safety and spoilage.

Using MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight) Mass Spectrometry, the MALDI Biotyper, can identify bacteria, yeast and mould as well as groups of organisms such as multi-cellular fungi, which are usually difficult to analyse due to cultural conditions.

“MALDI-TOF helps us to identify organisms associated with food safety and spoilage by virtue of their unique molecular fingerprint. MALDI will speed up the process of notification of the outcome of presumptive results thereby reducing the level of wasted time and effort due to false positives. We are aiming to have accreditation to ISO17025 early in 2016.”

“It can also be used to identify unknown organisms that have not been originally targeted by cultural tests and this may be of use to identify, and to provide direction for investigations of any issues relating to product spoilage and shelf life”, explains Keith Watkins, Microbiology Specialist at Eurofins.
Item last updated:   Wednesday October 07 2015 06:21
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METTLER TOLEDO Offers a Renewed Balance Portfolio with Entry Model ME-T
After the successful market introduction of the MS-TS and ML-T balances, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to complete the renewal of its portfolio with the launch of its entry level balance, the ME-T.

Designed to meet all essential needs, it offers a reliable, high-performance weighing cell and a large, intuitive 4.5'' color TFT screen, as well as three interface connections for easy data handling. It is the perfect choice for day-to-day weighing in any lab or manufacturing environment where value for money has high priority.

The benefits of the ME-T do not end there. Built-in applications and an intuitive user interface make the ME-T convenient and easy to use, even for untrained operators. The weighing-in guide and large color touchscreen with red and blue digits help users to dose to target and clearly indicate if sample weights are over or under tolerances. Results, including statistical evaluations, can be sent directly to a printer or transmitted wirelessly to a PC, eliminating transcription by hand and the potential for error that comes with it.

ME-T balances come standard with the well-proven Electromagnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) weighing cell and overload protection to ensure solid performance and reliable results. The built-in FACT technology automatically adjusts the balance following a change in ambient temperature, ensuring precision at all times and promoting confidence in results. This confidence is enhanced by attributes such as passcode protection, which ensures balance settings are not changed accidentally or by unauthorized personnel. Automatic sample ID assignment and the ability to record up to four IDs per sample not only save time and help improve productivity, they also ensure traceability so results-tracking meets applicable regulations.

In addition, ME-T balances offer a variety of connectivity options and are easy to clean. Balance usability can be further augmented with METTLER TOLEDO accessories that help assure accuracy for less common weighing processes.
Item last updated:   Wednesday October 07 2015 06:21
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