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Quick Innovative Way To Test Moisture Analyzer Performance
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Keep Customer Loyalty With Accurate At-Line Testing From NDC
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Today's News
Quick Innovative Way To Test Moisture Analyzer Performance
METTLER TOLEDO, a leading global supplier of precision instruments and services, has launched the innovative SmartCal reference substance, designed to verify and document moisture analyzer performance with a simple 10-minute test.

SmartCal is a new quality control check based on a certified and traceable reference substance, which verifies instrument performance with a simple 10-minute moisture measurement. SmartCal fulfills the quality management system requirements of the food sector (BRC, IFS), the pharmaceutical industry (GMP, USP <1058>) and also meets ISO 9001.

The SmartCal test is easy to perform and requires only 10 minutes. Each single-use sachet contains 8.5 g of the defined moisture content reference substance. The user simply places the contents of the sachet in the moisture analyzer and presses start. A straightforward Pass/Fail notification confirms if the result is within the specified SmartCal control limits and the instrument is ready for use. SmartCal is the easier and simpler alternative to the traditional, tedious method for testing moisture analyzers that involves using a weight for balance calibration and performing temperature calibration with a thermometer.

Regular moisture analyzer monitoring with SmartCal ensures that instrument performance is in accordance with specifications. Maintaining a control chart of test results provides audit-ready documentation on instrument performance, avoiding any auditor issues. Certified SmartCal (cSmartCal) is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis issued by the independent German Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing in Berlin. Instrument specifications, recommended test frequencies, testing SOPs and control limits are all included in the SmartCal package.

For more information contact Dr. Helen Vogt, Product Manager at Mettler-Toledo Laboratory & Weighing Technologies Tel: +41 44 944 22 11 e-mail: or visit the website
Item last updated:   Wednesday December 31 1969 19:00
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Keep Customer Loyalty With Accurate At-Line Testing From NDC
Fast continuous on-line measurement or rapid at-line analysis of moisture and oil in snack foods processing provides real-time information about the process so that meaningful control can be achieved.

Key to the snacks industry is customer loyalty and key to that are product consistency and quality.

NDC's MM710e On-Line Snacks Gauge and the InfraLab At-Line Analyzer, specifically configured for snacks processing environments, can be supplied in single component Moisture or dual component Moisture + Oil measurement formats.

MM710e, with its choice of Ethernet and Analog connectivity can be incorporated into closed loop control systems to maintain these key parameters within specification limits.

InfraLab, with Ethernet Connectivity and USB data download function, measures a sample in just 5 seconds, helping to improve process visibility, as a viable alternative to laboratory chenical and gravimetric methods.

Snacks Applications for MM710e and InfraLab include:
Corn Chips
Corn Dough
Potato Chips or Crisps
Potato Powders
Puffed Corn

and both can be used to measure moisture and oil in fried or baked products.

For more information contact: Andrew Brunt Tel: + 44(0) 1621 852 244 Fax: +44(0) 1621 856 180 Website:
Item last updated:   Wednesday December 31 1969 19:00
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