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Ishida To Demonstrate Expert Software Versatility At Interpack
Friday March 10 2017 09:08
Food Processors Get a 360-Degree View of Line Performance with Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX™ 2.0
Friday February 24 2017 06:10
CSB Automated System Boosts Delivery Performance By 99%
Monday January 23 2017 14:17
New Ishida Remote Monitoring And Interventions Help Optimise And Protect Food Manufacturing Operations
Thursday November 03 2016 04:17
GEA PerformancePlus: New Service Concept Ensures Optimum Productivity
Wednesday October 26 2016 08:41
EPLAN To Display Recent Developments At Routeco LIVE
Wednesday September 21 2016 02:39
Online Food Supply Chain Platform Authenticate’s 75,000th Product
Thursday May 19 2016 05:34
Polestar Joins Siemens Partner Programme
Friday November 20 2015 07:13
EPLAN CAE Software Gets Even Better
Monday September 07 2015 06:05
Sophisticated Test Techniques = a Media Time Bomb Where QADEX Can Help
Friday July 17 2015 04:14
EPLAN Takes Home The Food Processing Technological Development Award
Thursday July 16 2015 03:29
FSA Reports Food Allergen Alerts Rocket in 2014
Tuesday July 07 2015 06:41
Software Solution For Nutritional Value Information
Wednesday June 03 2015 10:36
Call For Agents And Brokers To Improve Or Leave The Food Industry
Thursday May 28 2015 05:16
EPLAN Continues Its Expert Dialogue Series Of Learning Events
Friday May 15 2015 10:24
EPLAN's Expert Dialogue Event To Help Engineers Increase Efficiency
Monday April 20 2015 06:41
The Food Crime Unit: An Opportunity To Bury The Hatchet?
Monday April 13 2015 07:25
Get EPLAN's Experience Working For You!
Friday March 13 2015 05:58
Falling Oil Prices Increase Supply Chain Risk For Food Industry
Tuesday March 10 2015 09:16
New Peanut Food Scare Highlights the Need for Supplier Compliance Software
Friday February 27 2015 07:12
QADEX Warns Media Coverage Could INCREASE Food Fraud Cases
Wednesday February 25 2015 18:01
QADEX Supports Businesses Threatened by EU Exit
Tuesday February 10 2015 04:29
Epicor Tropos Functionality Winning New UK Customers
Wednesday January 14 2015 10:37
Strong Partnership Brings Effective IT Solutions From CSB-System
Thursday January 08 2015 08:39
Event: EPLAN brings Industry 4.0 to the UK
Friday December 12 2014 06:41
Jelly Belly Achieves Sweet Coding Success With Videojet
Tuesday November 18 2014 04:43
QADEX Emphasises Importance of Food Safety As 33,317 Sign Petition to Stop Food Fraud
Thursday September 04 2014 09:16
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Deliver A More Efficient Regulatory And Compliance Function With QADEX Vision
Friday August 29 2014 07:21
Product Inspection In One Clean Sweep With Eagle
Thursday July 24 2014 07:08
Food Ordering UK Launches World’s First One-off Payment Software for Hospitality Industry
Tuesday July 22 2014 05:19
Businesses Urged To Ensure Supplier Certification For Halal and Kosher Foods
Wednesday June 25 2014 15:56
Food Safety High On The Agenda Worldwide
Wednesday June 11 2014 05:54
Advanced Intralogistics System From CSB-System Speeds Up Food Factory Order And Picking Process
Friday May 30 2014 07:29
Innovative Software Allows Food Industry to Reduce Complaints
Friday June 06 2014 11:22
It's Time To Take Food Safety R&D Seriously To Protect Your Brand
Friday May 23 2014 08:17
Intralogistics System Delivers 50% time Savings
Monday May 19 2014 09:37
Harsh Penalties If Food Safety Policies Not In Place
Wednesday May 07 2014 07:33
Mariani Invites CAD Schroer To Team Up At Interpack 2014
Thursday May 01 2014 04:59
CAD Schroer launches professional standalone P&ID software with free trial download
Wednesday March 19 2014 06:24
Software Ehances Packaging Coding Assurance
Friday March 14 2014 06:01
Tailored Project Management System For Moy Park
Wednesday March 12 2014 08:19
Solarsoft Customer Conference Details Announced
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
MT Release New Data Collection Option For Product Inspection Processes
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Vestey Streamline IT And Choose A LINKFresh Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Use Your Smart Phone To Keep On Top Of All Business Data
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
ALTO Optimises Planning And Scheduling Processes With ORTEMS
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Hilton Foods Plump For LINKFresh Integrated Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
New CEO For Anglia Business Solutions As LINKFresh Pushes Into New Opportunities
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Make The Move From 2D To 3D Factory With CAD Schroer Software
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Today's News
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Deliver A More Efficient Regulatory And Compliance Function With QADEX Vision
Market leaders of software specialising in food safety, quality management, compliance and product development, QADEX is a saviour for many businesses within the food industry. One of QADEX’s many international clients has spoken out about its experience of installing and working with the software on a day-to-day basis, and the benefits are noteworthy for small and large businesses worldwide.

QADEX Vision software is responsible for ensuring businesses are fully compliant at all times, and has the power to decrease complaints, protect brand reputation and even reduce company costs – especially for smaller food businesses.

One such global business which has relied on QADEX for half a decade is Glanbia Performance Nutrition. With more than €3 billion in revenues and 5,166 employees worldwide, Glanbia is a leading global performance nutrition and ingredients group. However, its UK technical team, based in Middlesbrough, is relatively small to deal with the national scale of that part of the business.

Gill Dando, Supplier Quality Assurance Manager at Glanbia Performance Nutrition said, “After working with QADEX and Teresa, our dedicated QADEX Account Manager, I began to understand the power of the system. Now that more and more suppliers are using it, its strengths continue to increase. It is like you get a whole technical admin department to bolt on to your business!”

QADEX Vision ultimately gives businesses the tools it needs to run effectively and efficiently. For instance, the software automatically chases suppliers for certificates and specifications, and carries out risk assessments in a wide range of areas – allowing managers and administrators to focus on running a business. The software is broken down into numerous modules which businesses can cherry pick depending on which is most relevant to their business, categorised into retailers and wholesalers, food manufacturing and processors and food service operators.

A spokesman for QADEX said, “We are now operating within 14,000 sites globally, with QADEX Vision regarded as an essential business tool. We don’t just sell software, we work in partnership with our customers, and as we are founded and managed by experienced food industry professionals we understand the day-to-day challenges.”

Working in partnership with Glanbia, the QADEX team have tailored a mini-specification module as the standard one was too large for the company. All ingredients are now linked by SAP number, reducing errors and saving time, resulting in a much more efficient regulatory and compliance department. Additionally, the company have used the contact function regularly to help with mass marketing messages and requests for compliance and regulatory responses, which has saved a lot of administration.

Ms Dando added, “Overall I feel like we have 24/7 support and not just faceless- I feel I know the team at QADEX so well they are like part of the family! They always go above and beyond and without them we would have not been so far advanced with our supplier assurance strategies- that’s for certain.”
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Product Inspection In One Clean Sweep With Eagle
Eagle Product Inspection has taken its image analysis software - SimulTask™ PRO – to the next level of product inspection.

The latest enhancements of the x-ray inspection software, which detects and rejects contaminants and product defects inside closed packages, now incorporates seal integrity, fill level inspection, check weighing and component count features.

These advanced capabilities enable food manufacturers to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and complete multi-level product inspection in one pass, in seconds. This maximizes uptime and eliminates the need for businesses to invest in additional inspection technologies.

Simon King, Global Head Sales, Service and Marketing, Eagle Product Inspection commented: “The question of how to manage production line costs without compromising product quality and safety is foremost in our industry. We know that sending out substandard products is damaging to food manufacturers because of the time and expense involved in product recalls, potential harm to consumers, and loss of brand reputation. In fact, the loss of sales due to bad product is often much greater than organization’s realize. By advancing our SimulTask™ PRO software, multiple inspection technologies now work together to check for contaminated materials, verify weight and fill levels, and ensure seal integrity. As such, manufacturers can be confident that only high-quality product exits their facility at a reduced cost per pack price, due to the lower initial investment of four-in-one product inspection software.”

SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software allows simultaneous x-ray inspection of different products within many formats and sizes of packaging.

The system inspects for a number of contaminants, such as metal, glass, dense plastics and calcified bone, in packaged products on multiple production lanes at high-throughput speeds.

Similarly, the SimulTask™ PRO check weighing feature examines the density of the product which is then used to calculate the total weight while also verifying the presence or absence of specific items, and verifying count. This intelligent software can also weigh separate compartments in packaging such as ready meals. Automatically removing packages that fall outside the pre-agreed limits keeps processes optimized while helping manufacturers comply with local and food safety global regulations governing the net contents of packaged goods which identify the minimum and average required content as indicated on the package or label.

The third main product inspection issue is to guarantee that there are no product imperfections. Defects can occur when the product and/or package is exposed to extreme conditions such as moisture, freezing, thawing and salinity. Varying atmospheric environments can cause deformations in the packaging, affect fill levels and seal integrity – all leading to consumer dissatisfaction and possible product recalls.

The x-ray technology automatically identifies any abnormalities so the inadequate product can be instantly removed from the production line, reducing unscheduled downtime and safeguarding quality.

To optimize production efficiency and ensure consistent product quality across the manufacturing line, a simple user interface provides easy access to statistics and reports. Data specifying the weight of products, number of products inspected, amount of rejects and the breakdown of the reject types between contaminants and other defects are all captured real-time. This allows compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and food safety regulations. Moreover, the diagnostic capabilities of SimulTask™ PRO ensure complete control of the product inspection process, so proactive maintenance can be scheduled, further enhancing productivity.
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Food Ordering UK Launches World’s First One-off Payment Software for Hospitality Industry
A UK entrepreneur has brought a new form of online food ordering to the table with the launch of an intelligent and cost effective software solution for restaurants, takeaways and other food outlets.

Offering businesses the chance to pay a one-off license fee in exchange for a lifetime service, Food Ordering UK is a revolutionary world first. Smart, fast and cost effective, the innovative new system is designed to maximise profits in bars, bistros, restaurants and kitchens, increase productivity and offer customers an exceptional online ordering experience.

Denis Kondopoulos, Project Manager, says “Food Ordering UK was developed when I was trying to help a restaurateur friend of mine find a food ordering service that did not demand hefty commissions or ongoing maintenance fees. After extensive research, I realised that such a thing simply did not exist. This inspired me to create a system that filled the gap and offered business owners an efficient and affordable alternative to the profit draining market leaders.”

Unlike its software-as-a-service and commission based competitors, Food Ordering UK demands no monthly fees, commission or ongoing renewal payments. All technical support is offered as an on-demand paid service which means that clients only pay for what they need, when they need it. This gives businesses complete control over their orders and ensures that profits remain in their pockets rather than those of their food ordering service provider.

Flexible and efficient, the innovative new system is ideal for startups, chains and independent businesses alike. Featuring a self-service administration system, managers have the power to change photos, menu items and prices as required. Customer usability is also exceptional, utilising a simple ‘select and pay’ process to offer peckish patrons fuss free ordering at their fingertips.

Integrated with mobile compatibility and the option of using a specially developed app, Food Ordering UK harnesses the power of modern technology to offer its clients and their customers an unmatched level of convenience and value for money.

With the capacity to deliver orders via email, smartphone, tablet, SMS, fax, mini printer or ePOS, the food order management process can be customised to suit the unique needs of a business. Customers and business owners also benefit from flexible payment options, including online payment or pay on arrival.

The software boasts an array of customisable extras including 360° virtual tour, in-restaurant ordering, foreign language support and data marketing and offers. With transparent pricing and a pre-set hourly technical support rate, the system is a refreshing alternative to its profit hungry competitors.

From chain restaurants, takeaway establishments, independent businesses and caterers, the system can be customised and branded to cater to the exact needs of a business and its customers.

Food Ordering UK is priced at a one-off cost of £999 or £99 monthly repayments spread across 12 months.
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