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Ishida To Demonstrate Expert Software Versatility At Interpack
Friday March 10 2017 09:08
Food Processors Get a 360-Degree View of Line Performance with Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX™ 2.0
Friday February 24 2017 06:10
CSB Automated System Boosts Delivery Performance By 99%
Monday January 23 2017 14:17
New Ishida Remote Monitoring And Interventions Help Optimise And Protect Food Manufacturing Operations
Thursday November 03 2016 04:17
GEA PerformancePlus: New Service Concept Ensures Optimum Productivity
Wednesday October 26 2016 08:41
EPLAN To Display Recent Developments At Routeco LIVE
Wednesday September 21 2016 02:39
Online Food Supply Chain Platform Authenticate’s 75,000th Product
Thursday May 19 2016 05:34
Polestar Joins Siemens Partner Programme
Friday November 20 2015 07:13
EPLAN CAE Software Gets Even Better
Monday September 07 2015 06:05
Sophisticated Test Techniques = a Media Time Bomb Where QADEX Can Help
Friday July 17 2015 04:14
EPLAN Takes Home The Food Processing Technological Development Award
Thursday July 16 2015 03:29
FSA Reports Food Allergen Alerts Rocket in 2014
Tuesday July 07 2015 06:41
Software Solution For Nutritional Value Information
Wednesday June 03 2015 10:36
Call For Agents And Brokers To Improve Or Leave The Food Industry
Thursday May 28 2015 05:16
EPLAN Continues Its Expert Dialogue Series Of Learning Events
Friday May 15 2015 10:24
EPLAN's Expert Dialogue Event To Help Engineers Increase Efficiency
Monday April 20 2015 06:41
The Food Crime Unit: An Opportunity To Bury The Hatchet?
Monday April 13 2015 07:25
Get EPLAN's Experience Working For You!
Friday March 13 2015 05:58
Falling Oil Prices Increase Supply Chain Risk For Food Industry
Tuesday March 10 2015 09:16
New Peanut Food Scare Highlights the Need for Supplier Compliance Software
Friday February 27 2015 07:12
QADEX Warns Media Coverage Could INCREASE Food Fraud Cases
Wednesday February 25 2015 18:01
QADEX Supports Businesses Threatened by EU Exit
Tuesday February 10 2015 04:29
Epicor Tropos Functionality Winning New UK Customers
Wednesday January 14 2015 10:37
Strong Partnership Brings Effective IT Solutions From CSB-System
Thursday January 08 2015 08:39
Event: EPLAN brings Industry 4.0 to the UK
Friday December 12 2014 06:41
Jelly Belly Achieves Sweet Coding Success With Videojet
Tuesday November 18 2014 04:43
QADEX Emphasises Importance of Food Safety As 33,317 Sign Petition to Stop Food Fraud
Thursday September 04 2014 09:16
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Deliver A More Efficient Regulatory And Compliance Function With QADEX Vision
Friday August 29 2014 07:21
Product Inspection In One Clean Sweep With Eagle
Thursday July 24 2014 07:08
Food Ordering UK Launches World’s First One-off Payment Software for Hospitality Industry
Tuesday July 22 2014 05:19
Businesses Urged To Ensure Supplier Certification For Halal and Kosher Foods
Wednesday June 25 2014 15:56
Food Safety High On The Agenda Worldwide
Wednesday June 11 2014 05:54
Advanced Intralogistics System From CSB-System Speeds Up Food Factory Order And Picking Process
Friday May 30 2014 07:29
Innovative Software Allows Food Industry to Reduce Complaints
Friday June 06 2014 11:22
It's Time To Take Food Safety R&D Seriously To Protect Your Brand
Friday May 23 2014 08:17
Intralogistics System Delivers 50% time Savings
Monday May 19 2014 09:37
Harsh Penalties If Food Safety Policies Not In Place
Wednesday May 07 2014 07:33
Mariani Invites CAD Schroer To Team Up At Interpack 2014
Thursday May 01 2014 04:59
CAD Schroer launches professional standalone P&ID software with free trial download
Wednesday March 19 2014 06:24
Software Ehances Packaging Coding Assurance
Friday March 14 2014 06:01
Tailored Project Management System For Moy Park
Wednesday March 12 2014 08:19
Solarsoft Customer Conference Details Announced
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
MT Release New Data Collection Option For Product Inspection Processes
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Vestey Streamline IT And Choose A LINKFresh Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Use Your Smart Phone To Keep On Top Of All Business Data
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
ALTO Optimises Planning And Scheduling Processes With ORTEMS
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Hilton Foods Plump For LINKFresh Integrated Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
New CEO For Anglia Business Solutions As LINKFresh Pushes Into New Opportunities
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Make The Move From 2D To 3D Factory With CAD Schroer Software
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Today's News
Innovative Software Allows Food Industry to Reduce Complaints
The food industry is one which relies largely on consumer opinion and customer satisfaction, and the team behind QADEX – the software solution which monitors everything from supply chains to food safety standards – are encouraging businesses to get on top of their complaints management systems to improve their brand image.

At a time when customer complaints are rife in the food industry, in the wake of various different scandals and food recalls across the globe, the emphasis is on customer satisfaction now more than ever. But sometimes businesses need a helping hand to manage, track and respond to all complaints that are made about their businesses or services.

Step forward, QADEX – an intuitive dashboard which helps organisations in the food industry to track, outsource, manage and investigate all complaints that come into them from consumers. The comprehensive solution gives managers a total overview of all operations, and allows them access to the information that they need to give consumers the answers and responses that they demand when they put in a complaint.

Tracey Cranney of QADEX, says, “Customers increasingly want better service, higher standards and lower prices, and it’s important that food organisations attempt to meet these demands. However, it’s equally important that these businesses in the food industry have monitored channels for customer complaints; software that must have seamless connections to every link in the supply chain, which can help to identify issues and resolve complaints efficiently.”

Previous solutions for this kind of tool were found wanting, and QADEX listened to the consumer voice and added a customer complaints module to their already comprehensive quality control software package back in 2012. To date, module contains everything that a manager needs to outsource complaints, manage them online and authorise investigative action into complaints, collating all the information in a central resource and allowing for better analysis in the future.

Whether outsourcing customer service or using complaints to compile sophisticated business intelligence reports, the QADEX dynamic dashboard does all the hard work, so managers can concentrate on pleasing their customers. With high-tech complaints tracking abilities that take in everything from social networks to regular phone calls, managers are equipped with more information than ever as they set out to investigate every claim.

In resolving complaints quickly and efficiently, armed with a myriad of information from suppliers, distributors and other links in the supply chain, businesses are protecting their brand, reinforcing food safety values and proving to their most valued customers that their satisfaction comes first.

To find out more about QADEX, visit their website:

Enabling step change improvement in food safety and brand protection, QADEX Vision brings every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customers and new product development together in one simple dashboard.
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It's Time To Take Food Safety R&D Seriously To Protect Your Brand
At a time when high profile companies like Nestle and Nissin Foods are opening high-tech food safety research facilities, QADEX is a software solution helping other organisations in the food industry to remain on top of their food safety issues.

With the food industry currently predicated with safety, research and development, the innovative software is helping businesses to monitor supply chains, access in-depth information about food safety, and generally move with the times as the sector seeks to improve standards across the board.

Nestle’s food safety research centre has opened in Beijing, and is set to support the Chinese government and strengthen food safety efforts across the entire country. Nissin Foods is a Japanese company planning to invest millions in expanding their current Tokyo facility of global research and food safety, with the aim of expanding their capacity to meet international demand for their noodle products. The two companies are big names on the global food scene, and they are leading by example and demonstrating to the rest of the world that food safety is of paramount importance.

Tracey Cranney Operations Manager of QADEX, the innovative software which can help businesses to improve food safety in their own supply chains, says: “With some of the biggest brand names in the food industry making moves to support development and research into food safety, it is important for many other organisations to sit up and take note. Consumer confidence is at a low, especially when it comes to the food sector, and brands need to be seen to be doing everything they can to reassure consumers that food safety is the priority.”

She adds: “Our software is vital in helping businesses to identify problems in their supply chain before they reach the point of distribution, and we have a comprehensive customer complaints module which allows food-related organisations of all sizes to show how committed they are to food safety. It’s important that more businesses adopt solutions like this so that they can identify problems with food safety or compliance before it’s too late.”

QADEX allows businesses in the food industry to protect their brand and endorse high food safety values across their entire supply chain. They can monitor everything from supplier risk assessments to allergen declarations all from one intuitive dashboard which gives them a complete overview of all operations. This level of control is more important than ever before, with huge emphasis in the industry on safety standards and compliance, and businesses are encouraged to implement these insightful pieces of software to ensure they keep up with current market trends.
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Intralogistics System Delivers 50% time Savings
An advanced intralogistics system devised by CSB-System International for leading Swiss cheese producer Züger Frischkäse AG in Oberbüren has automated the company’s stock control process while delivering a 50% time saving in picking speeds.

Züger Frischkäse produces a range of cheeses including mozzarella, feta, ricotta and mascarpone. The company’s production is already characterised by a high degree of automation and fully integrated information technology, and CSB-System was asked to modernise its intralogistics to provide seamless link to the picking and replenishment processes.

The CSB-System solution combines high bay storage with mobile picking. Every pallet in the high bay storage is linked to the system with its minimum sell-by date and lot number. This ensures that bays are filled according to the first-in, first-out principle.

In addition, the system provides an extra degree of control using master data from the ERP software. For example, the pallet height and the maximum weight can be checked. The master data can also specify whether the item first needs to be forwarded to a quick freezing position, and in which segment of the warehouse and at what height it is stored.

The inventory management computer communicates with the CSB-System via defined interfaces to handle the automatic removal of pallets for replenishment during the picking process.

Picking itself is paperless, using wireless technology to directly transmit to touch panels on the electric forklifts. The screen shows in which area of the picking zone the pallet with the required product can be found.

Using Bluetooth scanners, the pallet label is scanned, the corresponding number of items removed, and the pick quantity confirmed. If a pallet is emptied, a new one is requisitioned automatically from the high bay storage, ensuring ongoing replenishment in the packing zone and that customer orders can be processed very quickly and efficiently.

Overall Züger reports a 50% saving compared to its previous operation while the error rate has been minimised.

“We have elevated this area to a completely new level,” comments deputy CEO Markus Züger. “Today we are in a position to respond quickly and flexibly to customer demands.”
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