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Ishida To Demonstrate Expert Software Versatility At Interpack
Friday March 10 2017 09:08
Food Processors Get a 360-Degree View of Line Performance with Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX™ 2.0
Friday February 24 2017 06:10
CSB Automated System Boosts Delivery Performance By 99%
Monday January 23 2017 14:17
New Ishida Remote Monitoring And Interventions Help Optimise And Protect Food Manufacturing Operations
Thursday November 03 2016 04:17
GEA PerformancePlus: New Service Concept Ensures Optimum Productivity
Wednesday October 26 2016 08:41
EPLAN To Display Recent Developments At Routeco LIVE
Wednesday September 21 2016 02:39
Online Food Supply Chain Platform Authenticate’s 75,000th Product
Thursday May 19 2016 05:34
Polestar Joins Siemens Partner Programme
Friday November 20 2015 07:13
EPLAN CAE Software Gets Even Better
Monday September 07 2015 06:05
Sophisticated Test Techniques = a Media Time Bomb Where QADEX Can Help
Friday July 17 2015 04:14
EPLAN Takes Home The Food Processing Technological Development Award
Thursday July 16 2015 03:29
FSA Reports Food Allergen Alerts Rocket in 2014
Tuesday July 07 2015 06:41
Software Solution For Nutritional Value Information
Wednesday June 03 2015 10:36
Call For Agents And Brokers To Improve Or Leave The Food Industry
Thursday May 28 2015 05:16
EPLAN Continues Its Expert Dialogue Series Of Learning Events
Friday May 15 2015 10:24
EPLAN's Expert Dialogue Event To Help Engineers Increase Efficiency
Monday April 20 2015 06:41
The Food Crime Unit: An Opportunity To Bury The Hatchet?
Monday April 13 2015 07:25
Get EPLAN's Experience Working For You!
Friday March 13 2015 05:58
Falling Oil Prices Increase Supply Chain Risk For Food Industry
Tuesday March 10 2015 09:16
New Peanut Food Scare Highlights the Need for Supplier Compliance Software
Friday February 27 2015 07:12
QADEX Warns Media Coverage Could INCREASE Food Fraud Cases
Wednesday February 25 2015 18:01
QADEX Supports Businesses Threatened by EU Exit
Tuesday February 10 2015 04:29
Epicor Tropos Functionality Winning New UK Customers
Wednesday January 14 2015 10:37
Strong Partnership Brings Effective IT Solutions From CSB-System
Thursday January 08 2015 08:39
Event: EPLAN brings Industry 4.0 to the UK
Friday December 12 2014 06:41
Jelly Belly Achieves Sweet Coding Success With Videojet
Tuesday November 18 2014 04:43
QADEX Emphasises Importance of Food Safety As 33,317 Sign Petition to Stop Food Fraud
Thursday September 04 2014 09:16
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Deliver A More Efficient Regulatory And Compliance Function With QADEX Vision
Friday August 29 2014 07:21
Product Inspection In One Clean Sweep With Eagle
Thursday July 24 2014 07:08
Food Ordering UK Launches World’s First One-off Payment Software for Hospitality Industry
Tuesday July 22 2014 05:19
Businesses Urged To Ensure Supplier Certification For Halal and Kosher Foods
Wednesday June 25 2014 15:56
Food Safety High On The Agenda Worldwide
Wednesday June 11 2014 05:54
Advanced Intralogistics System From CSB-System Speeds Up Food Factory Order And Picking Process
Friday May 30 2014 07:29
Innovative Software Allows Food Industry to Reduce Complaints
Friday June 06 2014 11:22
It's Time To Take Food Safety R&D Seriously To Protect Your Brand
Friday May 23 2014 08:17
Intralogistics System Delivers 50% time Savings
Monday May 19 2014 09:37
Harsh Penalties If Food Safety Policies Not In Place
Wednesday May 07 2014 07:33
Mariani Invites CAD Schroer To Team Up At Interpack 2014
Thursday May 01 2014 04:59
CAD Schroer launches professional standalone P&ID software with free trial download
Wednesday March 19 2014 06:24
Software Ehances Packaging Coding Assurance
Friday March 14 2014 06:01
Tailored Project Management System For Moy Park
Wednesday March 12 2014 08:19
Solarsoft Customer Conference Details Announced
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
MT Release New Data Collection Option For Product Inspection Processes
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Vestey Streamline IT And Choose A LINKFresh Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Use Your Smart Phone To Keep On Top Of All Business Data
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
ALTO Optimises Planning And Scheduling Processes With ORTEMS
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Hilton Foods Plump For LINKFresh Integrated Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
New CEO For Anglia Business Solutions As LINKFresh Pushes Into New Opportunities
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Make The Move From 2D To 3D Factory With CAD Schroer Software
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Today's News
MT Release New Data Collection Option For Product Inspection Processes
Mettler-Toledo Safeline has launched a new, effective data collection option which enables Universal Serial Bus (USB) data sticks or flash drives to be used to gather and store information on product inspection processes.

This data can be used to prove that due diligence has been exercised in quality control processes in the event of a contamination issue or product recall, helping food manufacturers meet food safety legislation and standards such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and also food retailer guidelines. The new USB data collection tool is available across the full range of Mettler-Toledos metal detection, x-ray and checkweigher systems.

Global food safety initiatives such as the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRC), International Featured Standards (IFS), Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) and Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) as well as leading food retailers demand that information about the production and packaging processes be gathered and documented.

Additionally, records must be kept in line with a Hazards and Critical Control Points Analysis (HACCP) based programme. Required data typically includes Performance Verification Reports (PVR) to prove that product inspection systems have been correctly and periodically tested, shift reports detailing production throughput numbers, batch information, rejected pack counts and reports detailing machine settings during production processes.

Previous methods of product inspection data collection and storage include manual records and paper-based reports. Mettler-Toledo has made the collection process simpler, safer and less prone to error by providing a USB socket built into the product inspection system, also avoiding paper-based audit trails. This feature enables the extensive data recorded by the metal detector, x-ray or checkweighing machine to be easily loaded onto a memory stick and stored on computers or other mass storage devices for future reference.

In the event of a product recall, food manufacturers are legally obligated to prove that they exercised due diligence to have avoided committing the offence of which they are accused. The supporting evidence should include all relevant records and data pertaining to product inspection, including validation information on equipment tests and production line processes. The USB data collection option will enable manufacturers to more easily and reliably show that all necessary measures and reasonable precautions were taken to protect customers from any risks and thus, will help to protect their brand reputation, said Jonathan Richards, Marketing Manager, Mettler-Toledo Safeline.

Typical data collected by Mettler-Toledos metal detection systems include Performance Verification Reports (PVR) to prove systems have been correctly and periodically tested and shift reports detailing production throughput numbers, batch information and all important rejected pack counts.

The USB option compliments other data collection facilities available from Mettler-Toledo, including hand-held portable printers, Ethernet-based connectivity systems and connection to the companys statistical quality control (SQC) package.

Manufacturers are also able to utilise ProdX, Mettler-Toledos dedicated and innovative software package that focuses on the collection of data from product inspection systems.

For more information on the new USB data collection option or any aspect of metal detection procedures and technology, call Jonathan Richards, Marketing Manager of Mettler-Toledo Safeline Metal Detection on +44 (0)161 875 1003 or email

For general information on Mettler-Toledo Safeline, visit:
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Vestey Streamline IT And Choose A LINKFresh Solution
Anglia Business Solutions has secured a new 500Kcontract to deploy its Microsoft Dynamics based LINKFresh solution by Vestey Foods Group.

Vestey Foods Group has a combined turnover of 500m and principally trade beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game, fish, seafood and convenience products into some 70 countries worldwide. Vestey Foods Group is also the only officially licensed vendor for the sale and worldwide distribution of the British Army Ration Packs.

The new LINKFresh deployment will support an initial 120 users, and is expected to grow to 200 users by 2013. The solution will be rolled out across multiple Vestey Foods sites including; Vestey Foods UK, Vestey Foods International Ltd, Retail Division, Seafood Division and Special Contracts Division.

The LINKFresh deployment selected by Vestey includes the LINKFresh Foundation, Supply Chain, Logistics and Mobility Modules. The comprehensive solution will address key operational areas such as: consignment trading, bonded warehouse control, import license quota & accreditation management, traceability, forecasting, planning, production, live factory performance, manifest processing, warehouse operations, transport, EDI processing, proof of delivery, quality control and intercompany trading.

Vestey Foods Managing Director Kenneth Hermansen said, Over the last 10 years the Group has grown considerably, mainly by acquisition. This meant that we had many different and disjointed solutions in use across our locations. We needed a common solution to provide a single view of the business. We already have Dynamics NAV in one of our divisions, but the solution here was heavily customised for that particular division and would not fit our business as a whole. For the new system we researched the wider ERP marketplace and it was the extensive food sector functionality included in the LINKFresh solution coupled with Anglia Business Solutions extensive industry sector credentials that really impressed us.

The initial project will define a blue print template for the solution at Vesteys surrey-based headquarters which can then be quickly and easily rolled out across other Vestey Foods UK sales locations throughout the UK.

Welcoming Vestey Foods Group as a LINKFresh customer, Anglias Group CEO Rob Frost said, I am delighted for us to be working with one of the UKs leading meat traders. They join several other meat related businesses already using LINKFresh. The LINKFresh solution will streamline many business processes and provide the crucial one version of the truth reporting across the entire organization.
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Use Your Smart Phone To Keep On Top Of All Business Data
SolutionsPT has launched Visual KPI from Transpara, advanced business intelligence software that allows real-time monitoring of operations data from any mobile device.

It delivers alerts, trends, dashboards and analytics from multiple data sources and can be deployed in hours.

Smartphones have become a universal information tool, with email, stock market values, currency exchange rates, news updates, weather, sat nav, and social media all being readily accessible. SolutionsPT, in combination with Transpara, can now bring manufacturing KPIs into the same easy accessibility range with Visual KPI; mobile dashboard software that gives access to KPI's, scorecards, trends, alerts and more.

Visual KPI is ideal for operations-driven businesses like manufacturing and retail. It provides real-time critical situation alerts on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and other devices, allowing users to react quickly to optimize their business, save assets, or take advantage of new opportunities.

"The launch of Visual KPI coincides with the burgeoning popularity of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon, which was recently documented in a report from Forrester Research," explained Phil Gillard, General Manager of SolutionsPT.

"Because the technology is operable across so many mobile platforms, it allows users to access it from almost any Smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the need to learn two devices, reduces capital expenditure for the employer and means that access to information on the move isn't limited to senior staff with corporate Blackberries. It's available to anyone who needs it, providing they own a smartphone."

Aimed at executives who want to use their own device, Visual KPI is also suitable for mobile workers and operations personnel working in geographically spread operation environments and remote sites, as well as IT managers who need visibility. It provides native access to historians like OSIsofts PI System and Wonderware Historian.

Enterprise-class software does not need to have enterprise-complexity or require an expensive project to see results, explained Andy Graham, a Technical Consultant at SolutionsPT. By using a Microsoft Excel-based configuration tool and focussing on rapid prototyping, Visual KPI can be deployed in less than a day. With Visual KPI, key operating measures are made available, delivering a configurable solution for implementing such initiatives as OEE, class A, balanced scorecard, six sigma and environmental compliance.

The benefits include access to real-time operations data from multiple sources without creating a new master source, and the ability to rapid prototype KPIs, scorecards, trends and alerts using the Microsoft Excel-based designer.

The user can access fast moving data, even information subject to multiple changes per second from multiple locations. This helps to reduce the time from alarm to decision, reduce risks and costs, and improve decision making. It also saves wasted trips and phone calls, reduces diagnostic errors and works on any web-enabled device including iPhone and iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Mac and more.
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