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Ishida To Demonstrate Expert Software Versatility At Interpack
Friday March 10 2017 09:08
Food Processors Get a 360-Degree View of Line Performance with Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX™ 2.0
Friday February 24 2017 06:10
CSB Automated System Boosts Delivery Performance By 99%
Monday January 23 2017 14:17
New Ishida Remote Monitoring And Interventions Help Optimise And Protect Food Manufacturing Operations
Thursday November 03 2016 04:17
GEA PerformancePlus: New Service Concept Ensures Optimum Productivity
Wednesday October 26 2016 08:41
EPLAN To Display Recent Developments At Routeco LIVE
Wednesday September 21 2016 02:39
Online Food Supply Chain Platform Authenticate’s 75,000th Product
Thursday May 19 2016 05:34
Polestar Joins Siemens Partner Programme
Friday November 20 2015 07:13
EPLAN CAE Software Gets Even Better
Monday September 07 2015 06:05
Sophisticated Test Techniques = a Media Time Bomb Where QADEX Can Help
Friday July 17 2015 04:14
EPLAN Takes Home The Food Processing Technological Development Award
Thursday July 16 2015 03:29
FSA Reports Food Allergen Alerts Rocket in 2014
Tuesday July 07 2015 06:41
Software Solution For Nutritional Value Information
Wednesday June 03 2015 10:36
Call For Agents And Brokers To Improve Or Leave The Food Industry
Thursday May 28 2015 05:16
EPLAN Continues Its Expert Dialogue Series Of Learning Events
Friday May 15 2015 10:24
EPLAN's Expert Dialogue Event To Help Engineers Increase Efficiency
Monday April 20 2015 06:41
The Food Crime Unit: An Opportunity To Bury The Hatchet?
Monday April 13 2015 07:25
Get EPLAN's Experience Working For You!
Friday March 13 2015 05:58
Falling Oil Prices Increase Supply Chain Risk For Food Industry
Tuesday March 10 2015 09:16
New Peanut Food Scare Highlights the Need for Supplier Compliance Software
Friday February 27 2015 07:12
QADEX Warns Media Coverage Could INCREASE Food Fraud Cases
Wednesday February 25 2015 18:01
QADEX Supports Businesses Threatened by EU Exit
Tuesday February 10 2015 04:29
Epicor Tropos Functionality Winning New UK Customers
Wednesday January 14 2015 10:37
Strong Partnership Brings Effective IT Solutions From CSB-System
Thursday January 08 2015 08:39
Event: EPLAN brings Industry 4.0 to the UK
Friday December 12 2014 06:41
Jelly Belly Achieves Sweet Coding Success With Videojet
Tuesday November 18 2014 04:43
QADEX Emphasises Importance of Food Safety As 33,317 Sign Petition to Stop Food Fraud
Thursday September 04 2014 09:16
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Deliver A More Efficient Regulatory And Compliance Function With QADEX Vision
Friday August 29 2014 07:21
Product Inspection In One Clean Sweep With Eagle
Thursday July 24 2014 07:08
Food Ordering UK Launches World’s First One-off Payment Software for Hospitality Industry
Tuesday July 22 2014 05:19
Businesses Urged To Ensure Supplier Certification For Halal and Kosher Foods
Wednesday June 25 2014 15:56
Food Safety High On The Agenda Worldwide
Wednesday June 11 2014 05:54
Advanced Intralogistics System From CSB-System Speeds Up Food Factory Order And Picking Process
Friday May 30 2014 07:29
Innovative Software Allows Food Industry to Reduce Complaints
Friday June 06 2014 11:22
It's Time To Take Food Safety R&D Seriously To Protect Your Brand
Friday May 23 2014 08:17
Intralogistics System Delivers 50% time Savings
Monday May 19 2014 09:37
Harsh Penalties If Food Safety Policies Not In Place
Wednesday May 07 2014 07:33
Mariani Invites CAD Schroer To Team Up At Interpack 2014
Thursday May 01 2014 04:59
CAD Schroer launches professional standalone P&ID software with free trial download
Wednesday March 19 2014 06:24
Software Ehances Packaging Coding Assurance
Friday March 14 2014 06:01
Tailored Project Management System For Moy Park
Wednesday March 12 2014 08:19
Solarsoft Customer Conference Details Announced
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
MT Release New Data Collection Option For Product Inspection Processes
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Vestey Streamline IT And Choose A LINKFresh Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Use Your Smart Phone To Keep On Top Of All Business Data
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
ALTO Optimises Planning And Scheduling Processes With ORTEMS
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Hilton Foods Plump For LINKFresh Integrated Solution
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
New CEO For Anglia Business Solutions As LINKFresh Pushes Into New Opportunities
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Make The Move From 2D To 3D Factory With CAD Schroer Software
Wednesday November 20 2013 11:38
Today's News
Online Food Supply Chain Platform Authenticate’s 75,000th Product
Food supply chain data and software firm Authenticate Information Systems, one of the leaders in the fast growing area of food supply chain transparency, has mapped its 75,000th product and is now working with over 4,000 food businesses in 69 countries.

Over the last two years, VC-backed Authenticate IS has worked with a growing numbers of farmers, raw materials processors, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to gather and share food transparency information on its cloud-based platform. The platform is able to show the entire product journey from its place of origin through to the consumer.

The company, which employs 20 staff across its sales centre in Bedford and its Harrogate head office, is this year expected to grow to over 1,000 members after 12 months of rapid growth.

Developed by experts with direct experience of working in the food industry, the digital platform has been designed to enable food companies to demonstrate total transparency, allowing them to map and manage data flow throughout their entire supply chain so ensuring the highest possible levels of compliance and risk evaluation. The rate of growth of the platform, which is accelerating as the UK’s leading supermarkets have started to use the service, has gained momentum in recent months adding tens of thousands of products.

Working with businesses throughout the food sector, including many of the best-known food retailers and manufacturers, Authenticate IS has established itself as the UK’s leading authority in food supply chain software, mapping and data. Rather than simply looking at direct suppliers, it is the only platform which provides a single, integrated, collaborative network giving complete traceability throughout the supply chain, providing visibility of the origins of every single product component.

“With our deep understanding of the food industry and the challenges of supply chain mapping, we have been able to develop a unique and easy to use software solution designed to enable food companies to demonstrate product integrity and deal with issues around food provenance,” said Paul Marples, CEO of Authenticate IS.
“Increasingly, retailers and regulatory bodies are requiring food manufacturers to provide detailed records of all components within their processes with customer protocols usually including time-consuming risk assessment questionnaires and unannounced audits. By moving their compliance procedure to Authenticate IS, food companies now have all of the product information they need at their fingertips. They can easily track every ingredient via a dynamic digital system which maps risk areas and provides real time information, so assuring compliance, reducing risk and streamlining product authentication.”

Mr Marples continues: “With all of their product data, from internal audits and order notes to safety certificates and accreditations, housed on a single platform, our clients can in turn give access to their customers, so exceeding their compliance requirements and providing full transparency for the future.”
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Polestar Joins Siemens Partner Programme
Polestar, the IT and ‘Internet of Things’ specialist has partnered with Siemens to offer network consultancy, professional services and installation support on the Siemens Industrial Strength Networks program.

Polestar works with Siemens to provide end-to-end solutions used on the factory floor as well as within critical infrastructure projects, with a specific focus on the RuggedCom and SCALANCE communication products. Polestar accredited engineers will partner with Siemens network architects to offer the best in class Wireless and Wireline services and solutions.

The new partnership will further ease the integration of factory and field based networks into the enterprise world and overcome the challenges that often occur when these differing cultures co-exist. As the Internet of Things gains momentum and volume of data increase, Siemens needs such partners to deliver critical solutions.

Julian Smith, Managing Director of Polestar, commented: “We are delighted to be joining the prestigious Siemens Partner Programme. This is an important development for us and for our customers as it means we can offer the complete range of Siemens products alongside our technical experience and expertise. The partnership confirms and underlines our commitment to continually improving our service offering for the benefit of our customers around the world.”

Stephen Hughes, Siemens UK&I General Manager for Partner Management added: “Polestar’s expertise will help UK companies embrace the future of manufacturing and drive technology advances to enable faster productivity gains for UK manufacturing. We are thrilled to have Polestar on board. It is collaborations like this that will make Industry 4.0 a reality and help to further strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in industrial automation”.

Polestar is an international specialist in the design, implementation and support of technology infrastructure. Established over 17 years ago, the Nottingham based company has strong working relationships with industry leaders from the world of IT. Polestar has a proven track record of delivering secure high availability solutions and direct access to front-line expertise to clients in the UK, Europe and North America.
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EPLAN CAE Software Gets Even Better
Faster template creation and simplified standardisation are amongst the many benefits provided by EPLAN’s new CAE software 2.5 version.

A new navigator facilitates the creation and editing of electrical and fluid power engineering macros, while the expanded terminal editor and streamlined cable planning for machines/plants with EPLAN FieldSys make designing even more intuitive and convenient.

A central challenge in the engineering process is managing various levels of revision within a project and, to address this, the new EPLAN Platform version 2.5 offers page/area-specific revision management. Project areas such as functional structures, location definitions and disciplines can be independently revised, meaning that changes remain transparent throughout the entire process and for all project participants at all times.

As a key tool for standardisation, EPLAN uses macros in the software. With variant and placeholder technology, this means that users can easily add partial circuits to an overall project. The new macro navigator facilitates management of the design process, as macros can be worked on in a tree diagram or within a table – even in multiple selections.

Macro variants and different representation types can be more easily viewed in context, and – as with previous versions of the software – can be quickly and easily selected. Furthermore, version 2.5 also allows management of multiple names for each macro, reducing the need to create article-specific macros because one macro can now be used for several parts.

The enhanced terminal editor featured by EPLAN Platform version 2.5 provides a graphical representation of terminal types and categories enabling fast and clear validation of selected terminal strips. If changes become necessary, these can be done directly in the terminal editor, and the parts and components can also be entered or changed directly in the editor. Terminals can be conveniently sorted along terminal strips via drag and drop.

Representations of the information in the terminal editor can be saved as schematics, allowing users to quickly switch to and access the most important information. This results in a convenient and simple centralised management of terminal strips with predictable and validated results for the terminals and terminal layout diagrams.

Another key benefit of the version 2.5 software is that it provides added functionality for cable routing for machines and plants. Before the assembly team can lay out cables, they must be planned and comprehensively documented – normally using a single-line diagram. Using the single-line functionality, users can complete single-pole wiring plans and send this information to the optional EPLAN FieldSys add-on module. This allows the definition of exact cable paths and cable lengths.
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