Report of the Week

This weeks' report of the week is  , PREPARED MEAT and POULTRY COMBINED REPORTS

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UK Prepared Meat and Poultry 2010 + Germany Prepared Meat and Poultry 2010 +France Prepared Meat and Poultry 2010

With 40 years experience in the food and business RTS Resource have launched what the industry has needed for years: focused, data driven cost effective reports on the international market for food and ingredients.

To see all of our reports click here and download the FREE Western Europe Ready Meals 2010 report and other FREE sample reports from RTS Express reports available for purchase, and reports from Keynote

Each report is designed to provide exactly the information needed, from background demographic and economic data to global market sizes, forecast consumption and expenditure, market trends and analysis and company information.

In addition to all the other good news about the RTS Express reports, once you have bought the pdf version of the report, RTS Resource will send you a printed copy of the report (applies to UK and EU countries only) so you have the best of both worlds - your report filed on your computer and on your desk.